The reason I chose accounting and benefits

The reason I chose accounting and benefits that I expect from my life in accounting Sciences | The types of accounting | Understanding of the financial statements and the conditions that must be present in the financial statements.

The reason I chose accounting and benefits

The reason I chose accounting and benefits that I expect from my life in accounting Sciences.

Why I chose accounting?
Since I am from a vocational high school, I entered in the accounting department, Yes at first I chose the Department of software engineering but I didn’t go and accounting had become my second choice, and finally my entry on the accounting department, it turns out that during my studying accounting I highly enjoy no problem, though a little giddy bikin yaa yaa J but it’s not a problem for me the intention is very mature, I appeared when I execute the work practices of the industry (PRAKERIN), then I melakaanakannya in a company and place right on the part of finance accounting, there I a lot of experience, actually my initial intention, I would like to become an architecture because my hobby like drawing since childhood, but I have two choices, what if one day I’ll proceed to college I can not sign in on the direction that I could choose majoring in accounting , for entering universities fair difficult let alone I am from smk accounting then entered the Department of architecture, hmm not too hopeful maybe yaa, but God gave way to another may indeed I must forward the science of accountancy that I can from vocational secondary schools, to resume work kejenjang legitimate. I also have a goal that if I don’t become an architecture I should be able to become a career woman. J remember whatever you do must be thought in a mature and with the intention of seriously. In order for future science we have can be useful for those who need it.

That is why I choose majoring in accounting.
The benefits that I would expect from this accounting science in the life of me,
I hope my efforts, as I can, can be useful in the future after I graduate scholar, and could be useful for the membutuhksnnys, my struggle is not there anything him without the support of both parents. And mature intentions.

The types of accounting.

1. Financial Accounting (Financial Accounting)
This field is related to the accounting for a unit of the economy as a whole. This field is related to financial reporting for parties outside the company. The resulting reports are versatile (general purpose). Financial accounting is the Accounting field of activities includes the recording of financial activities that aim to be able to present the financial statements which include the balance sheet, income statement and report of change of capital or profit on hold for an extended period. This financial report can be utilized by the parties who need information as to decision-making and a rational and relevant policies.

2. Accounting Inspection (Auditing)
Accounting inspection (auditing) is the field of Accounting that examination of the results of the activities implementing the record-keeping and financial reporting, both a body corporate as well as Government. This field relates to audit independently against a report generated by the financial accounting. Although the main objective of the audit was to accounting information presented is trustworthy but there are other purposes such as adherence to policies, procedures and assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an activity. The underlying concept of auditing is the objectiveness and independence from the examiner as well as the confidentiality as well as the gathering of evidence which is quite relevant.