Paper bag of chips most popular design packaging

Paper bag of chips most popular design


Tired of seeing plastic packaging just to make sharing aja … It’s time try a new one. With a little creativity of plastic packaging can be made more attractive. Yes, by using a paper bag, plastic that appear to make a potluck can transformed so much good.

How, after the plastic wrapped, kita akan membungkus dengan Flexibel packaging chips inserted into the paper bag. Well, this is a later paper bag decorated with a variety of interesting design. Paper bags can also be given a window in order for the shape of chips could look from the outside.

To close it later on the ends of the folded paper bag and given the sticker so that the former folds not open again. In addition as a cover sticker can simultaneously function as a label so that the stickers can also be a nice designed so that appear attractive. But if you want to save money simply use straples to close.

Modification of manufacturing process and additive used is done to obtain the paper with special properties. For example: oil-resistant Paper (grease proof) has a surface like glass and transparent, has high durability against fat, oil and grease, are not impervious to water even though the surface is coated with waterproof materials such as shellac and wax. Parchment paper has a good fat, endurance had a good wet strength, odorless/tasteless, does not give a good inhibitory against gas, unless it is coated with certain materials and can be used to package food ingredients such as butter, margarine, cheese, tea, coffee. Wax paper has a waxy coating with paraffin base material; nature can inhibit water, oil-resistant and has good heat adhesive strength.
Paper (newspaper, book, magazine) should not be used to pack food. Paper can be a source of biological impurities (microbes) that can cause acute diarrhea disease. In addition, the ink is on paper could be containing heavy metals that can be migrated kemakanan and endanger the health of consumers.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil (alufo) as does the aluminum cans is a kind of basic aluminium-based packaging. If the cans are aluminum is widely used in the beverage industry, then aluminum foil is widely used as part of a packaging shape bag together/laminated with various types of plastics (e.g. retort pouch for UHT milk, juice) and widely used industrial snacks, milk powder and so on. Alufo contains aluminum not less than 99%.

Is a kind of lightweight, attractive packaging, odorless/tasteless, and inert towards most of the food. The disadvantage is not mechanically resistant, easy to leak if punctured. Coating or lamination polymeric materials with alufo will be able to improve resilience against mechanical damage. Alufo is also stable for a wide temperature range. Usually used to wrap the chocolate or cheese.