How to Prevent Cancer of the Tongue with Easy Steps

How to Prevent Cancer of the Tongue-it’s Among dozens of types of cancer, cancer of the tongue, including one of the most deadly. This disease is hard to be detected because of the symptoms ditimbulkannya very similar to the disturbance on the area the mouth like sariawan, it’s hard to swallow, specks of white on the tongue, and other-other. Therefore there wasn’t a symptom of the significant generally pretty hard to find a way to prevent cancer of the tongue. Usually a ‘kecolongan’ because when it was diagnosed, the cancer cells have spread to tissues around the tongue other so treatment is hard to do and odds are very little to heal the total.

For some cases in Indonesia, cancer of the tongue more attacking men age 50 years and up. Although so was she with dean so like you women or men age under 50 years, safe from the panyakit turn this off. Especially the lifestyle is not as healthy as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages now getting familiar with keseharian young people. This indicates that cancer is one disebakan by substances toxic to the cigarette prone to the age of a teenager.

How to Prevent Cancer of the Tongue with Easy Steps

The Cause Of Cancer Of The Tongue
In the medical field, the cause of cancer of the tongue is not yet known for sure. But as diulas above, cancer of the tongue one of them caused by cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. It is proven from all the suffering cancer of the tongue, the majority are smokers, heavy and often consuming alcoholic beverages. Explanation in a nutshell, the tobacco in cigarettes contains substances amount of nicotine which is then formed karsinogen. Karsinogen themselves are substances that trigger cancer supposedly make the growth of cancer cells to grow fast. While alcohol contains ethanol which did not have the nature of karsinogenik, but ethanol play a role active in the absorption karsinogen so trigger the emergence of cancer cells.
how to prevent cancer of the tongue

Factor The Risk Of Cancer Of The Tongue
There are several criteria in someone who’s susceptible to cancer of the tongue that someone who has the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth are very bad and have a history of sariawan with the intensity often. Besides tend to attack the man, they often had irritating the membrane mukosa also prone to cancer of the tongue. Cancer of the tongue, too easy to attack someone who has the immune system is very low, for example those who have the virus HLV.

Tips That It Prevents Cancer Of The Tongue
There are some ways to prevent cancer of the tongue before the disease develops to become cancer deadly.

– Stop Smoking
Not only causes cancer of the tongue but poison cigarettes also be the keladi emergence of cancer of the mouth, cancer lung, cancer skin, heart attack, and a lot of diseases lethal to other. So that spared from cancer of the tongue and a dangerous other there is no other way except to stop smoking.

– Double the Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables
Vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables does not directly cure cancer of the tongue. However the womb nutrisinya the majority is anti-oksidan able meminimalisir the risk of cancer. Substances anti-oksidan on fruit and vegetables able to counter the radicals or the charge to the metal causes cancer. Furthermore able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, the anti-oksidan also useful to enhance the immune system.

– Maintain Weight Ideal
Besides disturbing appearance, they are experiencing obesity is very or obesitas more vulnerable to various kinds of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, abnormality cardiovascular, and cancer. Consuming food rich in fiber is an option best to lose weight and keep the weight remains ideal.

– Avoid Karsinogen
How to prevent cancer of the tongue last is avoiding cross-contamination with items containing substances karsinogen or is karsinogenik. Materials industry like materials synthesis, asbestos, perobot containing vernis is the source of the substances karsinogen. Next in multiplying the consumption of food is healthy, free of poison, free pesticide, and free exposure to radiation is the best way so that spared from the risk of cancer of the tongue.