This is a chance for us to menggeluti the business of the farm, especially PENGGEMUKAN GOAT GIBAS in more Proffesional because it has the potential to be big enough as long as it managed to seriously accompanied with his mastery of the SCIENCE which is enough to some of the things that has to do with the Business PENGGEMUKAN GOAT GIBAS. Of course, we have to Always looking for Innovation-innovation of new Methode Penggemukan Goat Gibas through various sources, especially from Training-training that might be held by Service-Related, or the Companies who CARE about these things.

One of them is PT. LIFE BRIGHT PROSPEROUS (HCS) who think my office is out center in the City of Sidoarjo, often having a TRAINING with mean to the Farmer/ Rancher can really enjoy the maximum.

PT. HCS with his vision Together Success, with Ideals and Hopes, as well as the Light for us to head to a better Life and Sentosa.
About the MISSION :
Ø to Give Awareness to become SDM Professional and bertaqwa to Allah SWT.
Ø Mencerdaskan and increase the Economy of the Nation
Ø Form Etos An Entrepreneurial.
Ø Help the public to find POTENTIAL BUSINESS in the Neighborhood alone.

And it has a lot of berkiprah to make A really enjoy results in the maximum through TRAINING-TRAINING that is often held with it-it update to improve the Result Faster WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS

It used a one very seldom used Among Breeders, because of a New Way that will produce symbiotic mutualis between FARMS, AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES with spare habits and depends on pertisida and others that would just really hurt for a long time.
It penggemukan developed by PT. HCS, it has to go through several stages have to be taken by BREEDERS to get mengaplikasikan in analysis to the results of the maximum

And penggunaaan SOC (Supplements Organic Liquid) is absolutely necessary for every steps the application so that the results can maximum.

SOC itself is Nutritious Bio-Organic developed by PT HCS to support terwujudnya PROGRAM RANCHER BILLIONAIRE.
While the benefit SOC for farm animals is :

1. Healthy cattle.
2. Reduce the cost of production and maintenance
3. Reduce stress and increase endurance against disease
4. Increase Antibody in cattle
5. Balance microorganisme in the rumen of animals and increase appetite
6. Accelerate the growth of livestock
7. Increase fertility and increase the production of meat
8. Reduce the number of death in Chicks
9. Enhanced top quality in the eggs

Model Cage that has developed “HCS CLUB SUCCESS” it is a bit different with the cage in general, especially on how to feed and shelter the shit.

Design the Cage was made in such a way so that in the feeding position the body of the Goat was really in a nice spot, because it will affect the process of metabolism.

Shelter shit too in the design special to the shit that produced can easily be cleaned to be gathered to be utilized as fertilizer organic which of course is very useful for replacing fertilizer-fertilizer chemicals in the long-term will really hurt the Farmers or harm the Environment, because the secretary of defense to use of fertilizer chemicals will spoil the structure of the soil will affect the fertility the land itself and harm the Environment in general. With the use of fertilizer organic good for knowledge enough to mengaplikasikan, of course, will be very an impact on the ecosystem, microbes and the environment in general.

Therefore with any pattern PENGGEMUKAN GOAT methode latest this will impact positively in the field of Agriculture.
For the size of the cage the most ideal is 3 meters x 1.5 meters to 10 the tail of a goat, because Kambing Harga Aqiqah Murah is pilihan yang baik untuk ber aqiqah secara syariah islam the kind of Goat Gibas is a Type of Goat group, then a size that’s too wide will just waste room, at once would be a lot of calories in the body of the cattle/goat that’s been wasted because of running around