Experience stay at a local hotel in Yogyakarta

Since getting married August 2015 and then, my wife and haven’t gotten around to doing a honeymoon. Much consideration so that we “put off” our honeymoon, the better of course is time and cost. If asked to plan, of course there are a variety of plans that exist in a bucket of our desire.


Well, early last December, I invite his wife to “go home hometown” to the home of my parents in Solo. My wife actually got grandparents in Solo, so all of us stay stopped. In Solo, of course, our primary goal is a culinary tour.

Although I am a big Solo, but after long left the home town of President Johnson, it’s the many Widodo once changed. Yes Yes, planning the food, yes the increase of the shopping centre, the advent of many hotels, which certainly shows the development of the city.

Although an awful lot of things that my wife and want to do, but a lot of the things that made us a bit not freely. Because during our stay in Solo at the home of my parents and grandparents, we felt somewhat hesitate if you want lingering in the to and fro.

From Solo, we come to Jogja. The roads to Solo it felt incomplete if it doesn’t all come to a city that was once a single entity before the integral by Giyanti agreement.

My own to Yogyakarta because indeed there are Affairs job. During his time in Yogyakarta, we stay at home pakdenya my wife. Again, feel free to make us less freely, so we finally decided to do a “mini honeymoon”, with a stay at a hotel.

Stay at a local Hotel Yogyakarta

We ended up staying at a local Hotel, which has the interesting concept.

The hotel is quite small and only has 12 rooms only. The location is strategically located in any area is a fairly quiet Road not far from the Affandi (Gejayan).

Blending minimalist concept but still bring traditional touch, it was able to make my wife and taste linger in the room.

We stayed in room type C is located at the very top with an area of 24 square metres. His mattress is of type double, perfect for couples who want a honeymoon.

Locally made wooden Interior being furniture that fill the space of the room. Brown brick wall seemed solidly with a FLAT-SCREEN TV in the middle. Ordinary cement floor in which at some parts are decorated with tiles, the tiles are typical key.

The facilities themselves are almost the same as the 3-star hotel, yet fast internet, mini bar, free intimate and feel makes us love this hotel. Shades of green also seemed to dominate most of the color white and Brown wood.

The restaurant has the same concept. Its design combines modern and traditional concepts. The choice of food is also carrying the same concept, there is a modern menu and there is a traditional menu.

In General, the services and the location of the local Hotel Yogyakarta is great fun. This was also my first experience staying at the hotel and relax with his wife. I usually stay at the hotel if there are Affairs of work outside the city, or just simply be a place of rest.

My wife and any agreed will repeat the experience like this again.

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Next year, I planned to go Solo again. Maybe later, we will stay at hotels in Solo, other than stay at my parents House. Who knew I could find cheap hotel rates in Solo that is currently offering a promo.

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