Benefits of protein for energy sources and pregnant women

Benefits of Protein, protein benefits for the body has been very important. Actually what the heck these proteins? The protein comes from Greece who called Protos meaning is the most important, is a complex organic compounds of high molecular weight polymer of the monomer which is-monomer amino acids are connected to each other are connected by the peptide. Well on this occasion I will discuss about the benefits of proteins for our bodies

The function of the protein is for muscle formation and cells in the body. This protein will be absorbed by the muscles in to development and growth. When the muscle is well formed it will help the body to maximize fat burning so that the weight be balanced.

Benefits Of Protein For The Body

Sufficient protein intake can help in the process of wound healing, cell regeneration to regulate hormones and enzymes work in the body.
Form the body’s tissues with asaam aminonya.
As controlling growth, if a lack of protein can be disruption of the growth process in children.
As media propagation neural impulsf.
As a defense and immunization of the body, this can be useful for Protein antibody.
As enzymes, protein is able to accelerate in the biological process.
As a means of storage and pengankut, a protein contained in hemoglobin can canard configuration gives oxygen in erythrocytes. The protein contained in Myoglobin can canard configuration gives oxygen in the muscles.

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