Benefits and Drinking Rules XAMthone Plus

XAMthone Plus | Natural Wonders

Amazing juice for the health and vitality of the body and brain, as well as good to prevent premature aging because the efficacy of xanthones in the mangosteen Kulis is SUPER ANTIOXIDANT. Plus XAMthone regular consumption will lead to the health we want.
Drinking Rule XAMthone Plus:

  • Plus shake before drinking XAMthone first to extract the contents of the bottle – its juice mixed
  • Before drinking XAMthone Plus, drink half a glass of water
  • Then, take 30 s / d 60 ml (6 s / d 12 tablespoons) while gargled – mouth (so useful enzymes in the mouth goes into our bodies) before bed. YOU SLEEP XAMthone plus WORK FOR YOU.
    If the conditions are tired or ill to drink 2 or 3 times a day.
  • After drinking XAMthone Plus, do not drink water at least half an hour first.
  • During the healing period is recommended to drink more water, at least 8 (eight) glasses per day.